How Is Weight Loss And Cholesterol Control Connected?

As you may know, being overweight puts you at higher risk for heart disease, meaning that if you are obese or 20% overweight, then you are putting yourself at great risk for a heart attack or stroke. With the food and exercise options available to us today, there is simply no reason why you can't get back in shape, but how will this affect your cholesterol levels? Let's talk a little bit about how the two are related and what you can do to solve both problems.

First of all, although those that are overweight are typically the same people that have high cholesterol, that doesn't mean that they are related. However, you can usually trace these problems back to a lifestyle choice in diet or nutrition. When you are overweight, your body is already overtaxing your heart, which means you may have high blood pressure too. When you compound the problem by eating poorly and not getting any exercise, then you tax your heart doubly, which means that you are quickening yourself on the path to serious heart problems.

Solving heart disease requires a mult-faceted approach of proper diet, exercise, and stress relief. You need to lower your blood pressure too, as high blood pressure can also cause many health problems on its own. Luckily, you can usually knock all of these problems out with the same cure, and I am not talking about medication.

If you simply adopt a weekly exercise routine, using weights and cardio (like running, swimming, or biking), then you are halfway to solving all three of your problems. The next step is to start cleaning up your diet and eating better. Most people know what foods are healthy, but they make a dediciated effort to ignore the truth. Start cutting out on the bad foods and increasing the good foods.

Also, adopt a form of stress relief, such as meditation, that helps you operate from a balanced persepective throughout the day. If our mind is strong, then it is much easier to avoid skipping a workout or eating something bad when we know we shouldn't. Using a positive stress relief exercise will make a huge difference, whether you realize it or not.

Lastly, try to take a look back and see what lifestyle choices put you in the position you are in today. Don't blame it on genetics or bad luck, instead simply acknowledge that you've made some poor choices and learn how you can correct them. Sticking your head in the sand will not help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol, so get the facts and start taking action. There is no reason to die young of a heart attack or stroke, you have a variety of ways that you can improve your health both now and in the future. If you don't get any better, make sure you check with your doctor to find out what else may be going on. If necessary, he or she will provide you with medication to improve what you are already doing.